Welcome to ESM

For more than half a century, ESM Group Inc. has supplied desulfurizing reagents, fluxing materials, synthetic slags, and ladle insulators to the world’s steelmakers. This has been accomplished using in-house, state-of-the-art pneumatic injection, skimming, and bulk handling equipment designed and operated by people with unparalleled technical knowledge and proven hands-on experience in achieving solutions to your metallurgical problems. Long respected as the primary source for magnesium desulfurization reagents and related materials, customers from around the world now turn to ESM Group Inc. for solutions to problems in literally every aspect of the hot metal desulfurization process.

ESM’s comprehensive solutions based package starts with the design and manufacture of the world’s most technologically advanced desulfurizing injection equipment. ESM’s desulfurizing station layout and design identifies and resolves every aspect of steelmaking logistics limitations. Desulfurizing reagent materials are custom blended to achieve the lowest possible cost/ton while respecting individual client process constraints.

ESM has been a leading Mg granule manufacturer for many years and developed expertise in the Specialty Magnesium Powder Business as a major supplier to the chemical, welding, refractory, pyrotechnics and chemical heating industries.